The idea of The Vegan Box Diner started a few years ago. I was at a music festival and, not wanting a veggie-burger or pizza, I found there was nothing I could eat! Following my obligatory henna tattoo ~ I started thinking. Shortly after, I became vegan and realised it would be even harder to feed myself at events. Thankfully, some wonderful vegan companies are now starting to spring up every day but as a huge foodie and someone who loves to cook, I was already on my journey.

So The Vegan Box Diner was born ~ founded in 2018.

Throughout my life I have developed a dedicated love of food, and not always ‘good’ food to be honest. I have progressed, over the years, from being a meat-eater to a vegetarian and now a proud vegan, through educating myself and being saddened and disturbed by what I found. I am not here to lecture, just to offer everyone the chance to try some delicious and tasty vegan food.

No need to be vegan to give it a try. Even if you have never tried some before, and are a little reticent, the vegan food I prepare will tempt you and may surprise you.

All the dishes I cook and provide are recipes I eat myself. They are delicious and interesting. Some are indulgent and rather decadent. Changing the World one delicious box at a time!

I am learning more about vegan food and cooking all the time, something I hope will never stop, and I am developing new ideas daily. If you see me at a festival, and have a great vegan idea, let me know! I constantly honour other vegan chefs and sharing ideas is a great part of this growing and friendly community. I cannot wait to hear from you or see you at a festival.

I live in the Midlands with my family, including my cat Reggie. I love skiing, travel, eating and laughter.


The Owner

The Vegan Box Diner