We can park up and start serving delicious food immediately!

Eat a Kind ~ Eat Well (and share it with others)

Jackfruit wraps with sriracha sauce

If you are hosting an event and want to provide your guests with something a little different, we may be what you are looking for. Or are you vegan and want to offer tasty and interesting vegan food for your guests to enjoy?

We can offer you a fantastic range of dishes and ideas to satisfy your needs, all served from our stall or fun, adapted horse box.

All dishes are served in great take-out boxes, using wooden cutlery, so no plastics and no washing up!

Weddings, birthday parties, charity events, festivals, corporate events, mornings after the nights before and even smaller, intimate gatherings ~ we can be there.

Choose from our fantastic range of vegan dishes, or suggest new vegan ideas that you particularly love. If we can cook it, you can have it!

Our festival style approach makes for a relaxed and fun time. We can park up and start serving in no time. We can even do table service for smaller events.

Let us know your budget, numbers and food favourites and we can quickly start serving your guests with incredible vegan dishes. Check out our food gallery.

Please use our CONTACT FORM to make an enquiry and let us know what you are looking for.